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For information about class times, gradings, courses or general enquiries please contact us by email at:


[email protected]



All costs given are PAY AS YOU GO, you do not have to sign contracts or pay for lessons that you may miss.


Childrens Classes £5

Adults £6


There is no need to book a place, so you can turn up and give us a try at anytime.














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A Little about us...

Established over 39 years ago the SAMA Organisation has been teaching it's own brand of Wado Ryu Karate to adults and children alike;  with a spiraling curriculum offering students a progressive and continually challenging syllabus that has evolved from years of teaching experience.


The SAMA Organisation currently has over 10,000 members, most of which are children who train in their own schools, all across the south of England.  Our succes is due to the fact that we have a tried and tested formula of tuition which grabs peoples interest in health and fitness and slowly introduces them to the community that is SAMA Karate, with regular belt gradings, holiday camps and courses.


Our syllabus is also second to none in that it works with the individual student, starting with a basic introduction to the rules and moves , and as the belts are attained students are encouraged to try progressively more challenging techniques and concepts, which lead to the covetted black belt.


Currently the SAMA Organisation offers tuition in:

  • Karate, running kids, adults and family classes to all

  • Kickboxing, for 8 years and above


Also in the Hampshire area there are chances to learn grappling as an accompanyment to training in one of the above disciplines.  The grappling style is based on Brazillian Jujitsu methods with an emphasis on self defence, courses in this will be announced throughout the year by your instructor.

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