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For information about class times, gradings, courses or general enquiries please contact us by email at:


[email protected]



All costs given are PAY AS YOU GO, you do not have to sign contracts or pay for lessons that you may miss.


Childrens Classes £5

Adults £6


There is no need to book a place, so you can turn up and give us a try at anytime.














Information at a glance


The SAMA Organisation specializes in the instruction of Karate, a self defence style that promotes respect, self discipline and fitness.  As the art originates in Okinawa and Japan, we try to follow the rules that these cultures have applied, therefore we give respect to others by bowing and listening;  as it was said by the late Funikoshi sensei, "Karate begins with and ends with respect"


A typical Karate class consists of:


A 10 minute warm up and stretch;

40 minutes of study devoted to traditional non contact karate

A very popular 10 minute game as a cool down


Karate is a self defence art and does not promote the idea that an attack is the answer to any situation- all students are taught to NOT use their skills unless it is absolutely necessary.


Childrens Classes


After school classes are widely available across the Hampshire area. Usually only children from the hosting school can attend these clases, which we think offers a familiar and safe environment to start the journey to black belt. See our locations tab to find out if we are in your childs school!  If we are not, feel free to contact us via our email: [email protected]


Adult Classes


Adult classes are available across the area, and are a bit differently paced to the childrens class.  There is an emphasis on the realism of Karate, which means a more in depth study of self defence and application;  ideal for those wishing to study a complete art as we practice free fighting, with clinch and grappling;  which we believe hones excellent skills in self defence as well as a more in depth understanding of the art of Karate.


Family Classes


Those who are interested in training alongside their children are welcome to in our family classes pitched to suit all abilities and requirements.

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