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All costs given are PAY AS YOU GO, you do not have to sign contracts or pay for lessons that you may miss.


Childrens Classes £5

Adults £6


There is no need to book a place, so you can turn up and give us a try at anytime.














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Kickboxing is a fast paced sport which combines the art of Karate with the training methods and skills of boxing, creating a unique system of fighting which is popular throughout the world.


A lot of the training methods that make boxers super fit are followed in this system, meaning that students will be expected to skip, hit the bag, complete stamina circuits and shadow box.  It is a workout that will challenge all levels of fitness, and is one of the best methods of burning off calories and body fat!


The AKBA or American Kickboxing Academy was founded by Hanshi Alan Gibson, leader of the SAMA Organisation, who also helped to introduce Kickboxing to England in the 70's. With his years of experience as a pre eminent Karate instructor a system of belt grades were introduced which gave a means of tracking progression to competency, or Black Belt. This system has proved invaluable in that SAMA has produced many world class fighters!


Fighting in the ring is not for everyone, so if you are intrested in fitness then look no further.  THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO FIGHT OR SPAR TO GRADE, anyone can become a Black Belt, it just takes time and effort!



A typical class lasts 1 hour, starting with rounds (2 minutes a round with a minute rest in between) of skipping, stretching, then bag work, shadow boxing and stamina or body conditioning.


For class times and venues please hit the locations tab.

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